Hamzah Mansour
hamzah portrait
LOCATION: Vancouver, BC, Canada
OCCUPATION: Full-stack software engineer of 5 years, with a focus in growth and experimentation
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Software Engineering, University of Victoria, Graduated 2020
STATUS: Open to work
SKILLS: HTML, CSS, React, Nextjs, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, Postgres

Project N95

Full-stack Software Developer ¦ Jul. 2023 -> Dec. 2023

  • Worked on a Shopify store web application, focusing on site performance, accessibility, and design updates.


Full-stack Software Engineer III, Growth ¦ Apr. 2020 -> Sep. 2022

  • Worked with a diverse set of teams, codebases, and technologies to develop new features and run experiments, increasing campaign success, user engagement, petition signing, sharing, and revenue.
  • Was part of founding the first growth team at change.org which developed experimentation and feature rollout infrastructure, enabling the formation of other growth teams company-wide.
  • Maintained, migrated, and set up scalable back-end microservices and APIs using Ruby on Rails and Elixir. Developed front-end features on high-traffic pages with React and TypeScript.
  • Engaged in product ideation and research with designers and other engineers to improve the platform's growth loops, user satisfaction, accessibility, and meet the needs of the campaigners and community on change.org.
  • Led major projects after conducting initial research and breaking features down into planned and manageable tasks, such as petition collaboration features (teams), new communication channels like SMS and WhatsApp, and PWA support.

Full-stack Software Developer Co-op, Revenue ¦ Sep. 2019 -> Dec. 2019

  • Increased user-generated revenue, conversion, and retention by implementing features on Memberships & Promotions products, such as adding Apple Pay support and running petition promotion flow experiments.
  • Refined successful experiments into performant, tested product features on a platform with 400 million users.
  • Created an internal tool to automate offsite ad campaign creation using React, Ruby on Rails, and the Meta Business Suite API, unlocking a new avenue for growth experimentation.
  • Increased team productivity and visibility by creating real-time dashboards tracking team and revenue metrics using Ruby, CoffeeScript, and APIs from GitHub, Atlassian, and Amplitude.

Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada

Software Developer Co-op (Pacific Forestry Centre) ¦ Jan. 2018 -> Apr. 2018

  • Worked closely with scientists and professionals to develop a guide for publishing data to open data catalogues and building map web services.
  • Developed interactive mapping applications using MapServer and GeoServer as examples.
  • Created a comprehensive user guide with Markdown/CSS, including code samples and template files.

Wurldtech Security Technologies, GE Digital

Front-end Developer Co-op ¦ Sep. 2016 -> Apr. 2017

  • Developed features and resolved bugs to improve the admin interface of an NGFW.
  • Wrote unit, component, and system-integration tests while monitoring and reporting on daily test results.
  • Developed an internal UI test framework while documenting and mocking the middleware and back-end behaviour of the NGFW.

=> e-commerce store demo

spring 2023

  • An online marketplace featuring a wide range of coffees, teas and equipment which can be filtered by tags, or sorted by price and name.
  • Designed and built with Figma, TypeScript, Next.js, ChakraUI, Stripe Checkout, and PostgreSQL.
  • source

=> blogging app demo

spring 2023

  • A blogging platform that allows writers to create blogs and blog posts, and lets users react and comment on those blog posts.
  • Built with Next.js, TypeScript, and Firebase, with support for Markdown editing and rendering, header image upload, tagging, and view counts.
  • source

=> chat app demo

spring 2023

  • A chat application that allows users to join or create new chatrooms to send and receive messages.
  • Built with React, JavaScript and Firebase, with support for images in messages, anonymous login, and OAuth user authentication.
  • source

=> roomba battles

spring 2019

  • Designed and implemented a two-station battle Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner and wireless controller in C++
  • photo album
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=> dr. watch

summer 2018

  • Worked on a team of four to design and implement a medication adherence system and application suite using Xamarin.Android and Node.js, including a web application, mobile (Android) application, and wearable WearOS application
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